It’s Time To Show Your Brilliance

Because Confusing, Outdated Design Doesn’t Just Look Bad…

It throws a shadow over your awesome work and harms your credibility.

It can cause ideal prospective clients, perfect potential investors and partners to click away — and erases your chance of ever making a sale, teaming up or turning casual buyers into raving fans.

That’s Bad for Your Business.

On The Other Hand…Crisp, User-friendly Design Can Change Everything

It cranks up your visibility, entices the eye, and illustrates the essence of your brand, beautifully.

It highlights your powerful message, reflects your mission, and engages your people — all while setting you up for your fabulous future.

And — most importantly it puts your genius center stage.

Where It Belongs.

So let’s turn it around
and turn the spotlight on you.


[MARE ee ‘ muh ROO]

I specialize in website design that blends whip-smart strategy with beautiful aesthetics, to create timeless digital homes for professional service businesses and healthy lifestyle brands, among other growing businesses. I also work with a select group of arts foundations in NYC each year.

Curious About How I Got Here?


I’ve proudly worked with some of the most respected & prestigious names in business, including: A&E Television Networks, Meredith Corporation, Ogilvy & Mather and Smithsonian Magazine. I also (just as proudly) collaborate with small-but-mighty companies who serve with heart.

I’m a pro at taking scattered, seemingly all-over-the-place ideas, and turning them into gorgeous creative solutions. Professional, modern sites that convert. Marketing materials that get results. And brand identities rooted in my clients’ powerful passion.


The Maru Difference

little ballerina doing homework

Style & Substance

I’m not just a web designer but a marketing designer. This means i approach every project by focusing on solutions to my client’s website marketing problems, making sure your business and strategy come before pretty pictures and fonts.

Let's Be Besties

I take the time to get to know my client’s business and build collaborative, productive relationships. I’m proud to have happy, long-term clients who have been working with me for two, three and even up to seven plus years—nearly as long as I’ve been in business as a designer.

I Got You, Babe

I am the main point person and work on my client’s projects directly—no assigning jobs to a junior designer or outsourcing to an overseas market. On larger projects, I work with a hand-picked team of the best creative talent to fit the needs of my clients’ unique project requirements.

Time Is Money, Honey

I stay up-to-date on the ever-changing field of website strategy and design, offering my clients sound, well-researched advice on which trends to follow and which to ignore so you don’t waste your time going down a bunch of rabbit holes.

Cartwheels & Fireworks

Since it’s my job to visually communicate my client’s message and brand, I only work with those whom I feel passionately about their business and know I can help make a significant difference.


Awesome. Let's Get started.

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