Arts at The Park

A performing arts organization that brings beloved classics and an eclectic array of music that’s meant to inspire, entertain and empower its audience.

Event Marketing Collateral + Advertising + Environmental Signage + Direct Mail

I worked with Arts at The Park for three seasons, designing their self-mailing performance calendars, print advertising for placement in regional industry publications, sidewalk signs and direct mail postcard campaigns.

Print Advertising

The marketing promotions package included a handful of ads that ran in The New York City Jazz Record, The Positive Community, and Harlem News.


Whenever possible, I present design concepts as mockups so my clients can get a clear idea of how the artwork will look in real life. This takes the guess work out of decision-making and helps facilitate moving quickly through the design approvals process.

Ready to roll?

I’m all ears. Let’s get to work.

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